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Evan Williams 1783

this is a great bourbon for the price.i like to put it in my Crystal Decanter and serve it to my friends and thay think im serving them a much more expensive bourbon.
This really is a good bourbon, it's actually one of my favorites of the Evan Williams line and a bottle can easily be found for $10, it is well worth it and more.

This price cannot be beat, it is the least expensive bourbon I own and one I reach for quite often. This bottling is aged 10 years in new oak barrels and is 86 proof. In terms of value, this product is outstanding. It can hold it's own with bottles 3 times its price.

The 1783 has a very rye heavy mashbill and all the weight that goes along with it. The flavor is intense and has strong, spicy flavors with cinnamon, leather and spice with just a touch of oak. There are a few notes of molasses in the beginning.

The aroma is also dominated by rye. Fresh baked whole wheat break, leather, and saddles, along with a dab of honey and fall fields. There is also a slight note of strong oolong tea.

The packaging is definately the weakest point, but IMO it matters the least. The bottle is equipped with a screwtop rather than a cork, but a screwtop while less fancy is no less effective.

This bourbon is a standard daily sipper. It will mix well and is very full and supple when taken neat. A bottling that fans of rye mashbills should always have on hand.

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