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Description: The Websters College Dictionary defines the word “shed” as “ to pour forth, cast off, let fall, to drop out, send forth.” If there was a picture involved, it would have a photo of this brush. As a matter of fact, I was surprised a picture wasn’t there. I purchased this brush because the reviews on the COMPANIES website were wonderful raving reviews. I really liked the long handle as I am a bowl mixer. But after 9 shaves and hundreds of hairs I returned the brush and requested a new one. The return was approved. I paid the return shipping and insurance and they sent me a new one. This one I have used about 6 times and maybe lost 40 hairs. The last two shaves lost about 5-6 hairs each time. I use Tabac and a bowl and my beard is on the softer blondish nature. I baby the brush and hopefully this will someday stop the madness. I have had Muhle’s badgers, TGN badgers, Omega boars and vintage Boars and none have lost hair like this. I only hope to save someone else from going through what I have gone through with this brush.
Loft 58mm, knot 21mm, handle 80mm.

Price – when I pay $100 for a brush, I don’t expect it to behave like this.

Quality – Maybe some of the other brushes they sell are good, but these two weren’t.

Density – Ok, there the brush shines. It is pack full of hair.

Stiffness of tips – Has a backbone that can handle the soaps.

Softness of tips – Soft, soft and soft. Extremely little scratch. Spreads out nicely in the bowl and on the face.

Ergonomic – I really liked the handle.

Latherability – I use Tobac soap and I this brush manufactured a nice thick lather and plenty of it to do 4 passes easily. And it holds the lather in the tips very nicely and not in the base. It also never dripped water on me at all. And it holds water really well so you can dip it and get some hot water going when you want it.

To Summerize – I would never recommend it to anybody. I liked the brush and hated to see it fall apart. Hopefully the replacement will stop shedding someday. In any event, it is a gamble with this brush whether you will be picking hairs out of your soap or not.

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