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EO Lavender Shave Foam

As part of a recent order from drugstore.com, I decided to add something that looked interesting...EO Lavender Shave Foam. I have used several EO products in the past (hand soap, shampoo), and I've been nothing but pleased with them...my experience with the Shave Foam has been confusing, to say the least. Let me tell you why, point by point, if you'll allow it.

Price: the shave foam isn't the cheapest product on the block, but it certainly isn't the most expensive...very little of this product is needed, so I imagine one purchase will last a while.

Quality: this is where it starts to get confusing, for me anyway...I'm not really sure if I consider this to be a "quality" product. Keep reading.

Scent: i love lavender, and the scent of this foam is absolutely out of this world...very strong, clean lavender...no gripes there.

Latherability: ok, so I gave this an n/a for latherability, and let me explain why. This is a non-lathering product, by nature...it is a foam. Now, of course, I still tried to lather it with a brush, with limited to no success...it simply dissolves.

Efficacy: this is where it really gets tricky, because I'm not quite sure how to talk about efficacy. First, I would expect a shave foam to stick to your face at least a bit...this stuff is so thin and so runny, that as soon as I smeared it on my face, it was gone. Literally, I smeared it on, reached for the razor, looked up, my face was completely visible. It is really, really strange. Now, the confusion...I actually started running the blade over my skin, and to my surprise it slid with little to no difficulty. The foam had all but disappeared, but it had still provided me with a fairly decent layer of lubrication. It was still a bit freaky, however, to drag a razor across what looked to be bare skin. All in all, my shave wasn't phenomenal, but it was more than halfway decent considering it only took me about five minutes. I'm still a little freaked with how fast this stuff disappears, though.

Moisturizing Properties: aside from the residual stubble, my face felt like a million bucks after this stuff had been smeared on it...upon rinsing, I found that it had actually left a bit of a layer over my skin (maybe the high essential oil content?) I live in the chilly north, and I had no problems with moisture today.

Packaging: I'm not going to knock this stuff on packaging...it is no frills, but solid as a rock and extremely ergonomic...the foam is actually a liquid in the bottle, and when you press the pump, it froths it up for you...of course, it disappears two seconds later :blushing:

As I've tried to make explicit, this product was confusing, to say the least...mostly, what bothered me was the disappearing nature of the foam and thus the appearance of no protection. While the shave was half decent, I probably won't be purchasing it again.
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