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I am surprised that there is no review on the EJ razors here. vThis is an EJ Chatsworth with a Merkur HD head. I can only compare it to other Merkur fixed heads, MP comb and the Futur. After using this razor this has become the only razor I use other than my all chrome EJ in Barley which is a heavier version of this but is a little harder to maneuver. This is a 3 piece razor

This razor has been giving me the best shaves ever. I have tried it with feathers, Israeli Reds, Derby and swedish. The feathers works best for me and the Reds are my second choice.
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You could argue that this is really just the merkur HD but I can tell you that it really makes a difference. Not sure if the head is any different. My guess is that this razor is such a well made, balanced and ergonomic razor that it feels amazing. It is longer than the HD and lighter although the chrome barley version is heavier than the HD. the finish on these EJ are in a different league than any of the merkur razors....it had better be given they are 2X the price of the merkur HD
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Maybe it is the halo or placebo effect of being a beautiful razor but I really think I get a better shave with this than any other razor I have used before including a futur and an HD. The shape of the handle is the most comfortable of any I have had. If you are used to the Merkur HD, initially this razor will feel lighter but the weight is in the head and you will realize that this works really well.

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Picture of the heavier chrome razor. This is not available now. They sell an EJ lined razor now in chrome

You can buy the razor from the English Shaving Company. The stand came from them as well. Stand is too pricey.

The brush came from vintage blades

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Pros: Stunning good looks and an outstanding shaver
Cons: cost and lightness of handle
I have the Faux Ivory version, but they are basically the same. The razor is an amazing tool that comes packed in a lovely box. Everything about the razor screams classy, the chrome is truly exceptional.

The shave is very good with virtually no weepers or cuts as the razor is not as aggressive as others. I have been using Feathers and Yellow 7 O Clocks with no problems (these same blades would not work well in my Merkur HD).

While some people have had issues with the three piece construction, I don't, and quite like it.

The balance of the razor is very good, with all the weight being in the head. The length of the handle is also great for my hands.

The only issue that I have with the razor is that the handle is a bit light in weight and construction. There have been numerous post on various boards reporting handle breakage, and as a result I have been extremely careful.

All in all this is a lovely piece of equipment and highly recommended!!!
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Good looker for sure.
Pretty much the same as what David said above, as i too have the Chatsworth in Faux Ebony. My one regret is that i did not fork out the extra cash to get the heavier Crome one. This doesn't detract from the lovely shaves this gives, it is just the furtehr i go in my DE shaving life, the more i am realising i prefer the heavier razors.

Overall though, a lovely shave from a classy razor with any of the handles.

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