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Edwin Jagger Pure Badger Brush

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I recently upgraded from your basic boar bristle brush, and I have to say the difference is outstanding. I was a little nervous about throwing down any real money for something i viewed as a luxury. At only about $25, the Edwin Jagger bush is very reasonably priced as well as much more satisfactory than any boar brush could be.

I for one prefer a slightly stiffer brush, making pure badger my hair of choice. I would definitely recommend this brush to anyone looking to upgrade their shaving experience without spending a huge load of cash.

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I like this brush a lot. Its price is exceptional for a brush that gives you great lather. not the softest badger hairs but that's not a bad thing. Worth a shot by both beginners and old pros.
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For the price this brush is awesome. Even though it was a bit stinky at first in comparison to the Edwin Jagger Best Badger it outperformed the more expensive one in the soaps category. It wasn't as floppy as the best and the bristles were stiff enough that it could exfoliate my face too.

I would recommend this brush for all new wet shavers and also for people who want a decent backup brush.
I've been looking into this brush as my first badger and haven't been able to find reviews. Thanks for posting this review!

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