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Edradour Straight From The Cask, 11 years old

A little over a year ago my lovely wife and I made a trip to Scotland. In part it was to feed my love of Single Malts with tours of several distillery. In the village of Pitlochry we visited Edradour.
Edradour is the smallest distillery in Scotland. There are only three employees, and all of the whiskeys are hand crafted. The water flows down a river through the distillery and the barley has come from the surrounding valleys for over 100 years. The copper still is small, by comparison to larger distilleries, but the smaller copper tubing gives it a stronger, more distinct smokiness. Fermentation is carried out entirely by hand. The nose of the stillman is what determines the readiness of the whiskey. Edradour makes 75000 liters per year -- which in comparison is just one day's run of Glenfiddich's single malts.
The 10 year old is put aside in Oak casks from the south of France - some have had sherry, some not. The 11 year old Cask conditioned single malt is beyond comparison. It's smoky, nutty, very smooth, going past the palate with only a hint of it's distinctiveness. When it hits the back of the tongue and to the throat you know you've tasted a one of a kind single malt.
I've tried a couple of dozen single malts. Nothing is as distinct as Edradour's 11 year old Straight From the Cask.
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