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Earth Essentials Aloe Herbal After Shave Skin Soother

Price: I paid $6.50 at an independent health food type store. I've seen it for $8.25 on the internet. You get 8 oz. Considering the quality, I give this an easy 10.

Quality: it goes on very smooth. It's a liquid. Alcohol free. The first poster here listed the ingredients. It's got all the goodies: Aloe, glycerin, allantoin, potassium alum, lactic acid....well you can read them all above. They went to a lot of trouble to get this mixed properly.

Fights razor burn: I've been using it off an on for 3-4 weeks. I don't get bothered by razor burn too much except on my neck sometimes (which also gets dry skin). This AS is very soothing to my neck and I get no itching.

Cooling Sensation: I gave this an NA. It contains menthol but it's not the main attraction.

Efficacy: skin looks and feels wonderful. It does not dry my skin. Sometimes my neck itches at night and I don't have that problem with this.

Scent: I've asked SWMBO and my mother, they both like it. It's on the sweet side but it's a very "clean" scent and it is not long lasting.

Moisturizing/No Alcohol Burn: As covered above, it helps to keep my skin moisturized but it's not a balm, it's a splash. No burn since this product does not contain alcohol.

NB: On the front of the bottle it says "earthscience" Aloe/Herbal. As mentioned in the first post, it's made/distributed by Earth Essentials.

I use a variety of aftershaves and I prefer the "barbershop" type brands (Master's etc). However it's nice to have such an excellent non-alcohol splash to add to the rotation. It contains a lot of skin goodies for the money.

Only downside some people might have is that around the (white) cap can turn brown if you don't keep it rinsed off after use. So close the cap and rinse after use. I would guess this comes from the Annatto. However, it does not discolor your face.

Highly recommended!:thumbup:
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