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Dovo Klipette

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Made from the finest corrosion-proof stainless steel. Ultra sleek design – only 2.6” in length. Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee if not satisfied - Lifetime Warranty. Easy two hand operation. Rotate the bottom handle to activate the precision cutters.
Rinse cutting head with water for quick cleaning or remove the inner shaft for more thorough cleaning.
Includes a clear plastic tube for safe storage. Lifetime guarantee. Made in USA.

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Pros: Quality Safety Durablity Feel Handling Finishing Size Weight
Cons: None
The Dovo Klipette | Groom Mate Platinum XL

I just received my Dovo Klipette, a rebranded Groom Mate Platinum XL.
It is in fact the same clipper as the Groom Mate.
Besides that I think Dovo is well known for it's straight razors around here.
I found it during my many YouTube and Amazon searches.
I'm always interested in quality because in the past cheap junk had me regret buying it many times. Then you may have paid less, but it is still too much if it breaks/stops,
now you have no money AND no working device :sad: :cursing: :angry:!

First, let me start off by saying this thing is build like a TANK :tank:!
It is a mechanical trimmer, so no need for batteries, better for you and better for the environment.
But also better constructed. The less moving parts and the less wires the smaller the chance they might break/stop working. The parts that ARE there are thick, move sleek, like silk, smooth.
It is very heavy for something this small. Comes with a small plastic tube to store it in. However, the slightly more expensive version comes with a small brush and a leather pouch.
That version was not available at that moment.
Probably for the better. I would not use the pouch because I would have to get it out and in each time.
And I have multiple small brushes from my 2 clippers and my 1 trimmer I never use.

The finishing is nice. It is a satin chrome, goes very well with razors like the Feather AS or Merkur Futur.
The knotting in the handle provides a grip so commenly seen in DE razors. Speaking of DE, if DE is the Rolls Royce in shaving, then this thing is it in nose hair clippers.
The first time you put it in your nose you will notice a metallic smell.
It is not unpleasant nor pleasant. It is not strong and it did not bother me.

First it seems slightly pricey, but it is all quality and comes with A LIFETIME WARRANTY. So if you can you can use it all of you life it is actually not even a bit expensive. Then it would be cheap. I paid € 24.90 for it, that's almost exactly $ 35,-. North Americans pay less.

- trims nose and ear hair well, no risk of cutting yourself
- no more batteries
- no more ingrown hairs inside your nose or ear
- no electronic device failing on you
- no more looking like a ape

Made in the USA

YouTube review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bou76fRbQN4&feature=related

Groom Mate website: https://www.groommate.com/
Dovo Solingen website: http://www.dovo.com/_english/index.html​
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