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I recently got a shaving scuttle from Julie Moore at Dirtybird Pottery in Virginia. First let me say that I inquired about the optional 2 piece scuttle. She got back to me very promptly and told me that there was no extra charge for the 2 piece. Julie also told me that I would have one in around three weeks from when I placed the order.
I placed my order for the scuttle and a matching shaving mug, and recieved them both in less than three weeks.
I am very pleased with the scuttle. It has a generously sized deep lather bowl that sits immersed in plenty of hot water. It has spiral grooves formed into it (I hear you can get starburst type grooves also) and building a good lather is easy. It keeps the lather nice and hot for at least twenty minutes.
It is a very nicely made, attractive piece of pottery that is as funtional as it is handsome.

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Pros: holds heat well
Cons: heavy (but I guess you won't easily break it)
I recently received my DirtyBird pottery 1.5 scuttle with web pattern in all blue color.

I did not go for the optional dribble port (a small hole near the top of the rim that by tilting the scuttle, that water from the reservoir can dribble into the shave bowl to improve your lather if it needs reviving). I went with the standard 'no-creep' rim to keep the lather from escaping. I went with the 1.5 so the lather bowl would be deep (and a bit wider since you lose a little bit for the overhang of the no-creep rim).

I researched the scuttles for about a month or so before I bought one and the DB scuttles time and again came out on top for heat retention. I would be willing to bet that if you like cold shaving, that this scuttle would keep your later really cold as well.

The DirtyBird scuttles are made out of thick stoneware clay (think about stoneware baking dishes that are known for holding in heat). Because of this material, you can use hot water from your faucet to warm it up instead of needing to microwave the water. Many other scuttles are thin or made out of other materials that don't hold heat as well, so you have to microwave the water to get the scuttle real hot so you can keep enough heat to get through your shave before it gets cold. You can microwave water and put it in the DB scuttles, but the DB website warns against it that it will cause your lather to break down (though it won't hurt the scuttle). I would not microwave the scuttle, though the website says that the pottery is microwave safe (and dishwasher safe). See the pictures in my gallery where I placed a quarter next to mine so you can see how big this scuttle is. I also placed a quarter in the lather bowl as well for the same purpose. Some people are surprised at how big it is. I was expecting it to be a little bigger (though the dimensions are as advertised).

I use my scuttle daily for bowl lathering, but I don't always fill it with water. That would be a lot of water to go through on a daily basis. I fill it on days I want to treat myself. It does keep the lather warm for my shaves when I fill it with hot water. So far I have followed other's suggestions to fill it with hot water from the faucet (both fill the reservoir and the lather bowl) and let it sit while I shower. When I get out of the shower, I drain the reservoir and lather bowl and re-fill the reservoir with hot water from the faucet. That keeps the lather warm for the three passes that I tend to do.

The web design is great for building lather.

Julie was nice to work with that the scuttle is well built. You can email her to see the other colors that are available instead of the few you can choose from the web site.
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Just received my dribble port equipped 1.5 Dirty Bird scuttle, and I couldn't be happier. Had a great shave this evening: nice warm lather, plenty of space for my Omega 49, and the dribble port really works. The size of the port is just perfect for adding small amounts of water to the mix.:thumbup:

Note: my first scuttle arrived broken, and Julie had the replacement at my door in three days!

Beautiful, functional object, great service.

California Cajun;2218634 said:
I'll add my critique before it gets buried in the General Shaving Discussion thread. It rates a perfect score from me because it does everything it is supposed to do.

Dirty Bird 1.5 scuttle
I both used and tested the Becker (Robert's Ceramic Feats of Clay) Small scuttle; Georgetown Pottery G5 scuttle; Moss Large scuttle; Schwarzweisskeramik Small scuttle; Dirty Bird 1.5 scuttle.

They all work well, and the final decision should be a matter of personal taste. I heated 3 cups of water in my microwave oven for 4 minutes for a temperature of 165 degrees F. The water is then poured into the scuttle to test heat retention.

Note: in communicating with members, this one seems to have received the most favorable comments. Some have, and some haven't, had experience with the other scuttles.

I also read glowing comments about the customer service over there, and you can tell by the differences in the scuttles pictured here how receptive this vendor is to special requests. I made no special requests, so consider mine as a sample of the standard fare at Dirty Bird Pottery.



Fast Facts:

* Purchase Price: $54.00
* Purchased from: Dirty Bird Pottery
* Special features:
* Reservoir capacity: 13.5 ounces
* Primary strength: wide lathering area
* Primary weakness:

Heat retention (165-degree water initially introduced into scuttle):

* After 5 minutes: 143 degrees F
* After 10 minutes: 138 degrees F
* After 15 minutes: 133 degrees F
* After 20 minutes: 130 degrees F
* After 25 minutes: 125 degrees F

Dimensions of scuttle:

* Height: 3 3/8"
* Base width: 4 7/16"
* Width on top: 5 9/16" (6 5/8" with spout)
* Inside diameter of lathering area: 4 5/16"
* Depth of lathering area: 2 1/2"
* Texture of lathering surface: an endless string starting at the bottom, winding its way to the top

I ordered my 1.5 scuttle from Julie last week. Have not yet received it, but I wanted to add my 2c regarding her customer service. I've seen others post that Julie responded to questions "promptly". I'll be a bit more specific.
I asked Julie about the difference between the regular ridge and web ridge. She responded within an hour or two, answering my questions.
After placing my order, Julie sent me an email, which I received 2 hours later, thanking me for my purchase and informing me that she would send the scuttle "hot out of the kiln within 3-4 weeks."
I am eagerly awaiting delivery and will post a full review forthwith.
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