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Dirty Bird Pottery's Shave Scuttle

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I’ve wanted a scuttle for a long time. But which one to get? After reading every post I could find about them I decided to order a one piece scuttle from Dirty Bird Pottery. However, there was one thing that was common in all of the scuttles that I read about on B&B and that was the fact that they all had circular ridges in the lather bowl. I thought that it made more sense to have vertical ridges instead of circular. So I contacted Julie, the owner of Dirty Bird to see if she would make me a “custom” scuttle with a starburst ridge pattern in the lather bowl. Her e-mail reply to my query came back within a day stating that she also thought it sounded like a good idea. I figured that vertical ridges would cause much more interaction with the brush while it was being stirred. It just seemed more logical to me.

So I ordered a blue one piece scuttle and got her reply that it would be ready in about 3 to 4 weeks. So you can imagine my surprise when I received it today, less than 2 weeks from the time I ordered it. Fortunately for me I usually shave in the afternoons after I get home from work so I had a good crop of stubble to soften with the warm lather.

The scuttle came wrapped in bubble wrap and buried in foam peanuts. After spilling foam peanuts over the kitchen counter while pulling it from its shipping box, I was amazed at the weight of the scuttle. Very heavy and thick walled. It has a man sized handle that you can put at least three fingers through. Its dimensions are: 4in H x 4 ¾ W x 2 ¼ Deep. It holds a lot of water. I filled it and drained it into a measuring cup and was surprised to see that it holds 18 oz of water. There are eight ridges in what I refer to as a starburst pattern (see pics) that are aprox 1/8in wide each. It’s heavy enough that you can stir your brush without fear of it being pushed off the countertop. I chose the one piece design but it can be ordered with a removable bowl if desired. The finish is a beautiful light/dark blue with the bottom being unglazed and roughed up to prevent it from slipping.

Off to the bathroom I ran to give it a through test. Lately I’ve been using Mama Bear’s soaps but I also had some Proraso cream to use also. I filled it up with hot tap water and placed my C&E brush in to soak while I showered. After the shower I dumped the water and refilled it with more hot water. A good shake to my brush and 7 or 8 twirls over the Mama Bear’s and into the lather bowl. There was an explosion of lather. The lather building seemed much quicker than when I use my Target “dipping bowl” that is smooth inside. I enjoyed hot lather for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd pass but there was still plenty of lather left. So I decided to see how much lather I could create. I was actually able to generate enough lather for 7 passes and I was shocked to find that the lather for the 7th pass was almost as warm as the first. This thing holds the heat, undoubtedly because of the large volume of water it holds. My test with the Proraso was equally impressive.

Whether the starburst ridges make this scuttle any better than a normal scuttle I don’t know, simply because I don’t have a normal scuttle to compare it to. I do know, however, that it makes more lather than I’ll ever need and it keeps it warm for much longer than it takes me to normally shave. All these facts, plus the excellent customer service from Julie at Dirty Bird, make me wish I’d of gotten one of these scuttles long ago.

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Pros: Lather making machine, asthetics, quality
Well I managed to pick up the 1.5 at a very very good price, so don't expect to get it for that. It came professionaly packaged, actually I could barely find it in all the packaging. It has great weight to it, makes lather with zero effort and keeps it warm without breaking it down for 4+ passes. Mine has the webbed ridges and it seems to generate lather by itself when I put a squirt or dollop of cream in it...well actually I do have to swirl it for 30sec or so, but not much effort is needed at all.

I had a small problem with mine, which I contacted Julie about immediately. She was very professional in her response and very attentive to my concerns. Needless to say, she took care of the problem immediately.

It holds plenty of water, looks great on my counter and I haven't face lathered since I got it and don't plan on being without it again.

I did a lot of research before picking the DB 1.5, and I believe I made the correct choice in the make/model and vendor.

Julie was amazing to deal with and I would not hesitate to recommend her or her work.

Since I have the 1.5, I basically fill it inside and out with hot water and let my brush soak while I shower. I then dump out both and refill the outter bowl with hot when it's time to make the lather. I then place it on a face cloth on my counter and make the lather while it sits on a clothe on the counter, to avoide having to hold it while I make the lather as it does weigh quite a bit.

My only concern is dropping it or chipping it. Even though it's built solidly and is of top quality, it is hand made pottery, so I'm guessing a drop off the counter will send it into a hundred pieces...Let's hope that never happens.

Grea scuttle, great potter (Julie), great lather.
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I just welcomed a Dirty Bird 1.5X scuttle into my home. This bird does not squawk, poop, or bite - it just keeps lather nice and warm for a very long time. It's literally the perfect bird. And scuttle.

I haven't owned other scuttles, but I have owned various coffee mugs and bowls and I can say for sure one area in which this device excels is the quality of materials. Perhaps the design of other scuttles seems appealing to you from a logical or an engineering standpoint. You'd be inclined to think that the Georgetown scuttle, for example, would hold heat longer because there's a stopper for the spout. But the material is the difference. Julie's scuttle remains warm for a significant amount of time after it's empty!

I'm very pleased with my decision to buy a DB. If I should ever need another (for example, a brush scuttle) I will go straight to Julie.
I recived mine yesterday and had my first shaving using it this morning. I used superlather t&h soap with some tobs lavender cream. This scuttle keeps the water and cream nice and warm for several passes, not to mention it looks fantastic! If you dont have one get one!

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