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Debs Delights All Natural Shaving Cream

Pros: Easy to Use, VERY SLICK!
Cons: For Some, being Latherless
I decided to test a Basil & Herb scented "Latherless" Natural Cream I picked up on the Bay, a 4oz jar @$3.50. I did a quick one minute cold water hydration on my whiskers, 54 hour growth, and applied a small almond size of cream to my face, massaging in with my fingers, no brush is necessary. The cream left a thin white film, very, very SLICK, total massage time ~30-40 seconds. The First pass was WTG, very smooth & close, no tugging or skipping, I really didn't feel the blade as it glided over the whiskers, rinsed my face & it felt Silky & Slick. The Second Pass was XTG on the Cheeks & Chin, ATG on my Neck was performed without any irritation. No Nicks, weepers or Burn, a very smooth pass & BBS, a cold water rinse was followed by a Brut Aftershave Splash, Absolutely no Burn. The Blade was a Chinese Schick injector with 12 Shaves. After the Shave my Face is Very Silky & Smooth, no ASB is Necessary, I can't stop touching my face, it really feels Incredibly Smooth. My next test will be a Head Shave, it's the Slickest Latherless Cream I've found and should work well. It comes in a clear Plastic jar, white lid, the only thing special is what's inside. The next purchase will be 8 oz @ $7.50, a wide variety of Fragrances (~120) to choose from or go scentless.
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