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D.R. Harris Milk of Cucumbers and Roses

D.R.HARRIS ANYTHING are top notch products, admitedly I havn't tried the Milk of Cucumbers and Roses so I can't give ratings here.

I'm glad to find a stalwart and supporter of a venerable and great old London firm with at least one Royal Warrant to its name....the type of firm thats all too rare nowadays. Give them your full support ...its our custom towards them that keeps them in business for over 200 years!!!
D.R. Harris Milk of Cucumbers and Roses is really one of the best all around products ive ever tried. To start, its a cleanser, if you so wish it to be. To use as such just spread it over your face with a cotton pad or your hands and wait a minute then wash off with hot water, however it does not lather, it is the consistency of a lotion. The best uses are as a moisturizer and after shave. As a moisturizer, apply like you would any other moisturizer, amount the size of a quarter or slightly more if desired. The scent is rosy, due to the rose water which is known for its great effect on skin. I personally have slightly oily skin, and it works wonders. I was experiencing mild acne, and heavy ingrown hairs and this product has made my face a 9/10 in comparison to my days before use. I find that if i apply D.R. Harris After Shave Milk, then the Cucumbers and Roses on top of that, my skin is perfect almost immediately. I cannot rave enough about any of the D.R. Harris products. I also use the Skin Tonic, Almond oil soap, their Lemon and Coconut Shampoos and Conditioners, and they really are among the best you can get. If looking your best is important to you, i cant suggest D.R. Harris enough. Remember, the better you look, the more you see.
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