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Possibly the best £19.01 I spent on a shaving product.

Kinda like a Semogue 620 in finest badger. A 19mm knot and good handle make this a really good little brush.

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Pros: Well priced, asked for something different and got what I wanted
Cons: None so far
Well as I said befor this is poosibly the best £19.01 I've paid for any shaving product. Took nearly a month to arrive but it was made to my specs. Purchasing was problem free as is this brush. The hadle is a nice weight and suits my hands no probs. The tips are Ian Tangs Finest Badger but very dense. The lather I get out of this brush with both soaps and creams is great.

23mm knot and 44mm loft. So not the biggest brush on the block. Great for us shower and face shavers. Dries well and didn't have much of an animal funk smell when new.

All in all I think most folk who aren't name orientaited should try at least 1 FS brush.
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