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Culmak Vega Nylon Bristle Shaving Brush

Culmak is a British company, who make a few boar bushes and shaving soaps, they also make a synthetic brush. I wish they didn't.


I can see how it all started. They decided they wanted to make a cheap synthetic brush, cheaper than the cheapest available. They found the Omega Sintex and proceeded to make a cheap knock-off, the Culmak Vega Nylon Bristle Shaving Brush (that's what they call it).

I don't know where to start. The handle manages to feel cheaper than the Omega's, and that tacky "gold" ring doesn't do it much good. But the worst part is the hair. They've taken way too thin material, and put it together oh so sloppily, in a tiny knot. Where the Omega at least has hairs than end in tips, so you get a bit of softness, the Culmak just has hairs that are trimmed off at the top, and not neatly either, it is as if someone's just taken a pair of scissors and cut at the hairs a bit so that with a lot of imagination and squinting it might look like an even loft.

The brush is as far as I know only available in the UK, for about £3. If you really want a really cheap synthetic brush, save up another two quid and get the Omega Sintex instead. There is no reason for you to own this brush.

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