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Crabtree and Evelyn Uncharted

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so i'll start off by saying i have no idea how to describe the scent of crabtree and evelyn's uncharted colonge. some pics below.



according to the site uncharted has "Crisp notes of ozone and juniper with citrus, pale woods and fresh green mosses". ok i buy that. though i don't know what ozone smells like. the scent is very hard to put my finger on. its sort of like what a pine forset would smell like. its definately got a hint of lime in there as well. i dunno how to best describe it. but i do know that it is pretty gosh darn good.

the quality of the bottle and packaging are all top notch. the price isn't bad considering you get a decent amount (100mL).

overall this is a really wonderful smell. it lasts quite a while. from the intial spray till its gone there is something everyone will like. the nice part is that it is fairly understated but you can definately smell it. this would be great for work or on a special occasion. it would be good for daily use too, i think. this is really top notch stuff.

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I recently discovered an C&E store here in Bellvue, WA. There is little men's section with a lot of product just not stocked to the brim on products. But they has this scent as a cologne only, and man did a friend and I thought it was great smell. Very light, pepper/berry smell to it. It basically the first cologne I bought because the fragrance was that good. I would liked if C&E made a shave cream/soap line, as they make soap for it. The other cologne I wish they would expand is their Limes cologne too. C&E has very good lines of scents, but I heard from the store they are had some bad batches of shaving cream made recently which is why shortage. Otherwise the soaps are easy to find and sell. Also C&E products are priced very very well. Soap in wooden bowl is 20 bucks at the C&E store or vendor like Soap Box in Seattle. The price for this cologne is 40 bucks, which I thought was a steal for fragrance this high quality and great scent. Only if they stocked more varitey of EJ brushes.
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The link to C&E indicates that this product no longer exists . . . . . . ?
I bought the Sienna a few days ago...what a fantastic scent...if only it lasted longer..seriously...that would make it absolutely perfect for me :)

Boyextraordinare;916312 said:
Terrible fragrance.

C&E's Sienna is the company's only standout.

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