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Crabtree & Evelyn West Indian Limes

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OK, I bought this because I LOVE LIMES and because it was affordable.. $40 shipped from C&E website.

Beautiful packaging.. Nice design, some nice embossing, spot gloss UV (for you design/print nerds).

The bottle and atomizer.. Fine.. I care what's INSIDE (usually).

The smell is very nice. Sniff, Sniff.. Then it's GONE. I really don't think this has lasted more than five minutes on me. I've tried 10-15 sprays in one spot to see if it would make a difference. Nope.

Although I love the smell, it doesn't last.

Total waste of money.

Soon to appear in For Sale section.

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I bought this cologne two weeks ago and love it. The initial Lime scent is adorable, but fades to a perfumy scent within half an hour or so. Not an overpowering cologne like some I could mention, it suits my job excellently, where close contact is a necessity.
A store in the mall carries a small selection of Crabtree & Evelyn products among them the West Indies Lime Cologne. I tried a tester this morning and I like it! It has a very nice, clean, well-rounded scent. Five hours later I can still smell the floral notes. It's classy and pleasant.

As a plus, I went to lab this morning and asked all the (mostly hot) women if they'd care to rate it. Without exception every one gave it a thumbs up. :thumbup:

This one is definitely on my "to buy" list.
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I read the reviews and told myself I WILL not buy a cologne that just won't last...was walking past the local C&E store and saw a big 30% off sign...couldn't resist walking in and trying it...bad mistake...amazing smell...nice packaging...and yes...I bought it. I used it this morning...what an amazing wake-me-up smell...so fresh...and sadly...was gone by the time I arrived at work...going to do some serious research in finding a limes cologne that will last me for a while...

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