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Cool 3-in-1 Body Wash

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Enjoy a refreshing shower after a long day with this Nivea for Men Cool Body Wash. It includes an exhilarating scent designed to stimulate the senses and leave you feeling squeaky clean. This 16.9 fl oz Nivea body wash includes a blue gel with cooling menthol that invigorates skin after every wash.

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Pros: Masculine scent
Cons: None
As a long time Old Spice body wash user, switching over to an all-in-one body wash that I’ve never used before was a little uncomfortable. Now that I’ve been using Nivea’s “Cool” 3-in-1 body wash for about a week, I’m wondering why I didn’t switch sooner.

We’ll start with what perhaps is most important for some – the smell. I love a good smelling body wash that is both masculine and refreshing, but doesn’t smell like an 8th grade locker room (*cough* Axe *cough*). I personally am using the Icy Menthol scent which is exactly what it sounds like – fresh and clean with a little zing to it without any overpowering musks or fragrances.

The body wash has a rich lather and will definitely make you feel clean and refreshed without drying out your skin. As for it’s hair cleansing properties – well it’s certainly no top-shelf shampoo and conditioner, it does leave my hair feeling soft, hydrated, and clean.

So if you’re a young man trying to become a man and are looking for a new body wash… Ditch the Axe and buy yourself some Nivea Men 3-in-1. The woman in your life will love you more for it.
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