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Conklin Durograph, fine nib

Pros: Smooth writing, Great Eye Candy
Cons: Flex Nib not as flexible as hoped
This will be brief, because I don’t wish to reiterate Shave_Rat’s outstanding and thorough review. I opted for the Sunstone model, and it’s truly great eye candy. It’s a beauty, and I love looking at it, either on my desk or in my hand. I also opted for the flex nib, and while I don’t regret it, I must confess that the steel nib is not as flexible as my other steel flex nibs. I also chose Monteverde’s Opal Red ink with ITF Technology, and it’s proven itself to be a fine, masculine ink. I haven’t noticed that this pen is as miserly with ink as Shave_Rat indicated; in fact, it lays down a pretty solid line, but this may be more a function of my nib choice. I generally don’t post my pens, as I prefer the balance of a pen that’s front weighted, but I concur that this is a pen that doesn’t like to write when it’s posted. What do I use it for? Journaling, note-taking, letters, in fact, everything except NCR paper, which includes my checks, sadly enough. I’ve spent a lot of time writing with this pen over the past couple of weeks, and I haven’t grown tired of it yet.
I would like to have a NIB which is medium. And I saw that one member tried a NiB which is 1.1 mm. That sounds like a good try.
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