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I happened into Sally's to pick up some Bay Rum and found Clubman Shave Creame. It was on sale for 8 bucks for a 162 ml tube. It was worth the try and was pleasantly surprised by it. It is very pleasant and mildly cooling. It is very much like proraso. The soap lathered well, stayed moist on my face, and was very slick. After the first pass, I rubbed water on my face and it lathered up. The brush had plenty to re-lather my face also. It was a very pleasant shave. It is definitely on my rotation now. It can be found easily and is a very good product.

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This stuff is my new shaving cream. It has no oils in it to clog pores to create zits, nor any drying alcohols to dry out my skin, which will then create zits. This is exactly what I've been looking for in a shaving cream.I like the stuff, it works with my skin and to top that all, Clubman Shave cream is made in U.S.A. I got my tube at a beauty supply place, which I guess is where everyone else got theirs.

I'm not one to use products with the cooling effect in it but Clubman's is so subtle I actually enjoy it.
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I tried Sallys but it seems they discontinued the shave cream at all their Chicago area stores. Still carry talc and aftershave. I found a nice selection at riteaid.com, you are so right, I love this stuff!
I actually like to use this stuff in combination with VDH shave soap to buil a great "superlater" as recommended by mantic in his youtube video on superlater. Very slick with a good later and refreshing scent.

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