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Clubman Bump Repair Gel

I love this stuff too, but a quick piece of advice for the newbie: don't put this stuff on your cheeks overnight!!! I did, and woke up looking like Freddy Krueger the next morning! Well, maybe not that bad, but I had a bit of chemical burn going. So I strictly use if for my neck. Maybe I just have sensitive skin, but at any rate, use with caution!
Occasionally, particularly if I have shaved too close too many days in a road I set myself up for the beginning of ingrown hairs.

I've found Pinaud bump repair a good remedy to speed my way back to smooth skin.

There are several other similar products on the market that employ salicylic acid , what I particularly like about the Pinaud is the gel base, which makes application easier and helps ensure even coverage.

I find that a nightly application over four to five days gets me back on track after going for the BBS too hard too many days.

Warning that this has a big alcohol punch and smells awful.

That said, the product works well - recommended.

From the website:

Clubman shave bump repair gel

Ready. Set. Repair. Club mend unclogs pores, heals irritated skin and prevents scaring. Ease razor burn, shave bumps and ingrown, while leaving your neck and face looking food.

No Fuzz: gel formula means no cotton balls
No Bumps: powerful salicylic acid & Panthenol stop ingrown
Destroys: bacteria fighting formula dissolves impurities that block pores
Pick your spot: use as treatment for trouble spots

Directions: wash your face and hands. Squeeze club mend into your palms. To use as an all-over treatment. Massage into your face and neck. To use as a spot treatment: apply to affect area twice a day. Do not apply to open wounds blemishes or cuts. Do not dry off, it will absorb. Finish with a splash of club complete. Done.
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