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Clubman, Bay Rum, Vanilla, Special Reserve, Lilac Vegetal

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I recently acquired (from Garry's Samples-a real shaving oasis, run by a great guy!) a number of Pinaud aftershaves, and thought it might be helpful to compare them for y'all.

Actually, I've had Clubman for awhile (Walmart or CVS carries it). It smells "skunky" straight from the bottle, but put it on and let it develop for a minute, and you get a nice powdery scent that faintly lingers for at least a few hours. For me, it's just a tad bit sweeter than I'd like, but it's certainly classy. Alas, it does little to soothe my skin, but it seems protective without being greasy, oily, or sticky. Always will be in the rotation.

The Bay Rum was just a bit disappointing. I heard this stuff was supposed to burn, but it didn't do too much for me. It smells nice, with an overly "clovey" bite that sweetens over time, but only seems to last a few minutes. That bottle looks amazing though...

The Vanilla. Oh, how I wish this scent would hang around longer! In the bottle, I can catch a nod to vanilla extract, but the overall scent is...different. It reminds me of vanilla frosting just a bit, but not nearly as sweet. My wife loves this stuff. A little cooler to me on my skin than Clubman.

Special Reserve reminds me of tobacco and old leather. I'm not the best to review this one, since it sometimes reminds me of my Mom's late step-dad, who was just an incarnation of evil. Even with tainted memories, though, I can't help but kind of like the juice on my skin. Talk about masculine! Punchy and manly without being offensive, the drydown is powdery, but not really in a sweet way. Sometimes I like it, but then I remember.

Lilac Vegetal. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll ever join the Veg Table. I gave it two or three fair shakes (applied and let it sit all day), and I certainly didn't "hate" it, but it just barely crosses the line from "pleasant" to "cloyingly sweet" on my skin. Ultimately, it reminds me of Playdoh and mineral oil. I'm glad I tried it though, and it might smell amazing on someone else. Give it a shot!

I hope this helps you in your next Pinaud purchase. Looking forward to Garry's bay rum sampler next!

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