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Cleanse 'N' Shave

For the past few couple of months, I’ve been using Granular Scrub by Face Tools. I use it 2-3 times per week, and for me, it has been the best “scrub” product I have used. Recently, I began using two more of the Face Tool products. This review is about “Cleanse ‘N Shave”, the shaving gel by Face Tools.

Over a year ago I put away my Atra and Edge Gel, and this is the first time I have picked up a gel since then. I admit, I’ve had this product for a few weeks…I just couldn’t bring myself to put down my brush and try it! Now I’m not sure why I waited.

Cleanse ‘N Shave is like any other shaving gel, cream or soap…do a proper prep, then apply. I’ve found that having damp hands makes the application easier. The gel goes on mostly clear, and as you massage it into the skin, works up into a light foam. Very light. The good thing about this is that you can see what you are doing. The downfall is that you can’t see where you have been! Regardless, as you apply the gel, you get a soothing aroma of Tea Tree and Licorice. The scent is not fleeting, but it doesn’t linger. And this stuff is s-l-i-c-k. Slick enough that I resorted to the old trick of using a damp cloth to aid in skin stretching.

With my very first shave, I realized how incredible this product is. The first pass was nothing special, but the second pass got my attention. My second pass is across the grain. After completing the pass and rinsing off my face, I noticed that the stubble on my neck was almost completely gone. Pass three, against the grain, resulted in a shave as smooth as any I have ever had. The difference I noticed is that my neck, other than being stubble free, did not feel as though it had been shaved, meaning that no stubble was left, AND there was ZERO irritation. And my face was still very moist.

The website describes Cleanse ‘N Shave as a “clear, low foam, super slip Gel that cleans and provides a lubricating barrier for a smooth frictionless shave. Tea Tree is a natural antiseptic, while White Tea and Licorice soothes and leaves skin with a clean comfortable feeling”. A very apt description. For $15bucks, you get 3.7 ounces, which should last for quite some time.

The Pros: Very lubricating, pleasant scent, moisturizing, easy to apply, should be outstanding as a travel gel, or something to use on days when you are in a hurry. Based on the amount needed per shave, and I re-applied between each pass, this should be very cost effective.

The Con: You don’t use a brush!

Find it at www.appearancesformen.com. It may be a brushless product, but it is still a product worth having on hand!

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