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Classic Double-Edge Shaver

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This razor is a stainless steel butterfly open double edge razor that is made in China. I wanted a spare double edge to place in an emergency shave kit. I went into a barber supply store and bought it for $4.95. It looked like the Welshi model that is being sold in the Micro-One as Seen on TV. In looking at them side by side it is not the same. It is lighter, thinner and the top rattles until it's twisted shut.

Today, I needed to use it for the first time. I used a Personna blade. Unlike the Micro-One or other Welshi models, this was more aggressive. I actually got a nice shave with it. My go to razor is a shavette. For five bucks I might pick up another one of these to use when I need a quick shave and the shavette is not in order.

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Pros: Cost under 5 dollars, gives a decent shave.
Cons: Light, seems top rattles until it is closed tight.
Purchased for a spare to use in emergency. When I finally tried it I was surprised to have a fairly aggressive, but nice shave. I usually use a shavette, but at this price I will get another one to but in my bathroom when I am in a hurry and need to use a double-edge.
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