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Classic Brand Wool Fat Shaving Soap, 4oz

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Classic Shaving is proud to present its very own, artisan-made Wool Fat Shaving Soap. We have been dreaming of a Wool Fat Shaving Soap ever since we read of the benefits of lanolin in skin care and we knew our soap maker on Florida's Gulf Coast was up to the challenge. After much research, formula tweaking and testing he came up with what we feel is a true gem. This soap is rich and it creates a lather so silky that your razor will glide across it. Don't be surprised if your girlfriend borrows it from time to time. The 3" diameter, 4 ounce puck is quite dense and should last longer than an average shaving soap.

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Pros: Excellent scent, lanolin
Cons: Can't say
Let me preface all of this by stating the disclaimer that I am new to wet shaving; I have only ever owned or used two soaps: VDH's pink puck they sell with their boar brushes and Classic's shave soaps.

I do plan to expand this line up (T&H Trafalgar Cream is next on my list), but for now I have little to compare it to beyond the old cans of Gillette, Barbasol and the like.

That said, I cannot understand the awful reviews this product has gotten across the internet. I love it! I find it easy to lather (again, I only have VDH to compare it to) and the lather is both slick and smells great! Those who've said they'd rather use canned foam I just cannot understand. I can only conclude they're exaggerating to express their distaste (which makes me really eager for that T&H! If THIS is bad that stuff must be heaven!).

I find this to be monumentally superior to canned foam, gel or any of the other stuff my supermarket carries. Classic, as a vendor, has excellent customer service and prompt fulfillment (though for some reason it's gotten a day slower since they rolled out their new site).

Still, I know enough to be able to list some cons. First, the lather seems to "foam-out" (not sure what to call this). You'll have a good "whipped cream" consistency of lather but after five minutes is a thick, airy foam (very tiny bubbles but bubbles are bubbles). It CAN be rewhipped, but I find this means I have to shave in patches.

Another con is the intense lavender scent; I love it but it does start to burn if left on the skin too long. This can also be drying; I would not use this if you have sensitive skin.

All in all, I find it is vastly superior to supermarket shave products but nowhere near as good as comparably priced products as they have been described on this site.

I don't want to lose the scent, though (I use the Black Lavender, for clarification). I am considering finding a complimentary scented cream by T&H or TOBS or such and trying the "Uber Lather" trick mentioned over at SRP. I'll post here how it goes.
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