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Classic 23mm Silvertip Fibres brush

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The Mühle Silvertip Fibres shaving brush is a handsome and effective new generation synthetic brush designed to resemble natural silvertip natural brushes in look, feel and performance.

The brush is listed in the Muhle catalog as Model No. 33 K 256

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Pros: Build quality, dry's out quickly, efficient use of product
Cons: Learning curve in addding water for face lathering
Very fast lathering with nice consistency.
Drying time is very short, cleaning time is very short because this is not a lather hog, sucks no water or lather.

Easy to use if you're in a hurry, saves time and energy in lathering en cleaning.
Lathers every soap or cream and uses less product.
Feels very soft on the face.
I'm 100% face latherer and 23 mm is ideal for me.
It has a very ergonomic handle which leaves no residue of soap dripping down the handle.
Nice medium hefty handle with nice grip and balance

Very nice to see and use!
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Softness of Tips
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