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This is my first cologne, ever. In fact I'm not sure it qualifies as a cologne. I am also surprised that it has not been reviewed!

This was recommended to me as an aftershave while I was on my quest for The Perfect Lime aftershave. I'm not sure I've found that yet, but I'll keep looking. As it is, to me an aftershave should give you a blast of cooling and address any razor burn or other facial discomfort. The scent ought to be pleasant, but disappear quickly. This stuff stays around. It's been a couple hours now and it's as strong as ever. I went easy on it, applying it by simply using what was on the cork instead of bathing in it as seems to be recommended on the bottle. :biggrin:

The scent is a combination of Bay Rum and lime. The lime pretty much disappears in a very short time, leaving behind the bay rum. Thats OK, it's a quite nice scent. There is no complexity - the scent doesn't change over time, and there doesn't seem to be anything in there but.

The price is sure right - $13 for 10oz. I love the packaging - a simple green glass bottle. It reminds me of an old soda bottle, except it's corked. If you want to control how much you are shaking out, you will need to put your thumb over the opening. Or do what I did and apply what is on the cork.

What's in it? Simple enough. Alcohol, water, essential oils (lime and bay oil). That's it.
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