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Chines Shick Blades (Made in Germany)

Tried these over several days with my Merkur HD Proraso set up. They are acceptable, not outstanding. The packaging is all Chinese, but printing on the blade states "MADE IN GERMANY", which seems odd to me.

Packaging is a problem. In order to buy the package of 5 blades at a Chinatown dollar mart, I had to buy a blister pack which also included an okay (metal four piece, non TTO, chrome plated) DE razor, presumably made in China. The whole thing was $2.99 for 5 blades and the DE razor - but I wouldn't want to have to buy a razor just to get a package of blades everytime - the additional razor would be of no use to me and would just go to landfill. The razor was actually not bad - I would happily pay $2.99 for the blades alone, so I considered the razor free - it doesn't have the quality of a Merkur or even a Weishi say but would make a good starter razor for a newbie, in my humble opinion.
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