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Central Texas Soaps - Tobacco & Amber

Pros: Easy to lather, warm and inviting mild scent, great performance.
Cons: None. But I do wish the scent were a bit more potent.
I've got nothing but praise for this soap. I just love it. Whether face-lathering or bowl-lathering, I'm able to create a rich lather with lots of cushion and slickness. I prefer a just-thinner-than yogurt consistency and this soap works great for that. The container size is perfect for loading a brush and it's easily gripped. You also get a full 5oz of soap which is nice.

I like to use some pretty hot water when I load a brush, which brings out the warm and cozy scent of this soap. I guess there's some sweet tobacco in there, but honestly, to me it smells like oatmeal and raisin cookie dough with some cherry and vanilla essence dropped in. It's not a cloying scent at all, in fact, it's super weak. It's just enough scent to last through the shave and a few mins after.

I'm giving this soap five stars for lather-ability, performance, and scent. Every time I use it I know I'm going to get a fantastic shave with a warm, inviting aroma. It would be great if the scent was stronger but I won't ding it for that.

Let me know what you think if you have tried it too.

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