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Castle Forbes 1445

Around the time I rationalized spending $60 on a travel brush (one of my better ideas), I decided life was too short to deprive myself of quality fragrances. I'm not sorry I bought this. It is useful in certain circumstances. For instance, there is hugging galore at funerals and weddings where appearing to be a proper (if eccentric) gentleman makes sense.

Yes, I could pass as proper and gentlemanly for less than what I paid for 1445, but it is high quality stuff, for sure.

Packaging...smackaging. What difference does that make? Nice, sturdy bottle with decent labeling. Well packed with sufficient padding. Yawn.

The scent is pleasant! Citrusy top notes persist for a surprising length of time. Lavender and tarragon heart notes combine with the relics of the citrusy opening to build a fern/grass mid-note that alternates with the vetiver/musk/patchouli base notes...all day long. I was surprised by the strength of the lavender and the persistence of the fern/grass. It works.

Well, it is complex, sort of. Introduced scents never really disappear. 1445 builds layers that fit together, if you like a parade of somewhat exaggerated lemon, lavender, grass, and powerful resins that threaten to slug anybody coming close. I like that in a cologne.

1445 maintains this aggressive stance until you wash vigorously with body wash and a rough cloth.

Quality of atomizer? What does one look for in an atomizer? I predict a long life for this one, if that helps.

In summary: Muh Lord, if it pleases the court, may we consider the heritage of 1445 before asking the jury to declare a verdict. 1445, a land of Robert Burns, haggis, Islay single malts, peat, more peat, kilts, opinionated people...your Honor, the prosecution describes 1445 as a geezer juice. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, based on the evidence, you must find 1445... Not Guilty!
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