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Caribbean Snow

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Lathers easily with a B&B Essential Boar and whips into a super slick, yogurt consistency that stays moist & hydrated throughout a 3 pass face, and one pass head shave.

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Pros: Lathers Easily, Super Slick, Terrific Scent, Cooling Sensation
Cons: It will eventually run out
From The HandleBar Supply's website:

It's summertime in Bermuda, you've been enjoying a fair share of libations on your tropical getaway. A storm is brewing on the horizon and it smells like snow.

Top notes of coconut blend seemlessly with a solid core of juicy key limes. A snowy chill creeps up and lingers, just enough to make you yearn for more.

QCS creams are a luxurious escape from reality. Incredibly slick and lasting lather provides a comfortable shave experience you won't soon forget.

Exclusively formulated for The HandleBar Supply courtesy of Queen Charlotte Soaps, LLC.

No Parabens or formeldayhde.
Ingredients: Water, saponified stearic acid, glycerin, saponified tallow, palm oil, olive oil, and coconut oil, aloe vera extract, fragrance oil(s), kaolin clay, phenoxyethanol (and) caprylyl glycol, menthol, vitamin E.

net wt. 5 oz.

1. Price - This tub costs a bit more than Taylor's soft creams, weighing in at 5 ounces though, I expect it to last quite a while - so it's a good value.

2. Quality - This is a very high quality product that fires on all cylinders.

3. The scent matches the description - A subtle overtone of lightly toasted coconut blends with juicy lime that's somewhere between citrus and candied. Strong & lasting - I love it!

4. Latherability - A few swirls with a B&B Essential Boar pick up plenty of product. About a minute of whipping in a palm sized bowl yield a yogurt consistency lather that stays moist throughout the shave.

5. Efficacy - VERY slick and protective, my Slim & Flare Tip glide easily & mow whiskers effectively with this cream. The cooling menthol blast on my head is just awesome!

6. Moisturizing - Moisturizes better than most. I have dry skin on my scalp, and use noticeably less lotion with this product.

Packaging - PVC tub - it holds the good stuff effectively.

Overall - Caribbean Snow will be in my rotation until it is no longer produced. I like it that much!
Good Price
Easy Lathering
Slick & protective
Terrific tropical scent
Less drying than most soap / cream products I've tried
Menthol cooling effect is wonderful for head shaving!
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Moisturizing Properties
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