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C.O. Bigelow Barber Elixir Red

Excellent product containing witch hazel, shea butter, glycerine, aloe, ect. Elixir red has a scent very similar to Art of Shaving sandalwood. It has a small amount of alcohol and other astringents as well as fragrance oil so not great for super super sensitive skinned people.

Price: $10 for 3.4 oz so slightly more than some of the drug store balms but definitely worth the extra I think. A little goes a long ways.

Quality: It contains quality ingredients and the brand is known for good quality. It definitely doesn't seem like they skimped on anything.

Fights Razor Burn: Heck ya!

Cooling Sensation: Not in the menthol/peppermint way but even with the alcohol is doesn't feel hot like a splash with a very slight cooling.

Scent: Perfection if you like sandalwood based scents. I really like it but I also have a problem being exclusive to something like a scent so it will go into a rotation with my creams/soaps and be matched up with my AOS sandalwood.

Efficacy: Noticeable reduction on areas that are irritated and makes the skin feel like silk.

Moisturizing: Very though not heavy or greasy. Elixir red is a heavier scent but still perfectly acceptable for summer wearing in semi-formal to formal situations. Good choice for a business office.

No Alcohol Burn: It contains some astringents so it has a slight tingle/burn to it but should be tolerated by even the biggest whimps.
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No Alcohol Burn
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Fights Razor Burn
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