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Brylcream the "new" old school product

I've read some posts on these boards, gentleman, about a new product called "Brylcream". Ok, maybe not so new. I remember trying this stuff when I was in university and hating it. Terrible hold, greasy, generally not for me. Went on to use various gels, before settling on good ol' Pinaud green. Then tried various pomades (American Crew, then the Walgreen's generic version, then Axe)

Having culled so much good advice on these boards, I decided to give Brylcream another chance. After all, it seemed only fair 27 years and a better haircut later, to give it another go. What a difference! Given that I've only been wearing it for 1/2 a day, the jury's still out, but early results are fantastic. The hold is great; the shine is awesome; and it costs much much less than any of the quality pomades.

I'm left wondering why I didn't like it nearly 3 decades ago. I suspect it has something to do with the longer hair and something to do with the awful haircuts I got at supercuts. But mostly, I suspect, it had to do with the fact that 20 somethings are dumb, youth being a precious commodity that is wasted on the young. (Present company excluded, of course. :biggrin1:)

I'm not crazy about the scent, but I'm sure it dissipates quickly.

So, in short, :thumbup::thumbup:for Brylcream.
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