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Gabel's Brushless Shave Creme is excellent for preparing the beard for a close shave. It will soften the beard, making shaving easier. Wet face with warm water. Apply creme over beard and shave as usual. This creme is also used as an excellent facial skin cleanser. Cleanses without the harshness of soap. Leaves skin feeling soft, clean and refreshed.


Water, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Lanolin, Propylene Glycol Stearate, Potassium Hydroxide, Fragrance, D&C Red No. 19, Sodium Borate.

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Pros: Cheap in price, easy to use, gives a quick and close shave
Cons: Can clog up razor, may take a bit to clean up razor
I tried this cream several times before writing a review. At first I tried using a brush and after several attempts it did not function. Finally I just used my hands and I applied a significant amount on my face, since I figured it would probable not work well. I was wrong. This creme gave a lot of cushion and slickness as well as a very comfortable and fast shave. I got a very smooth shave and shaved quickly. My only issue with this creme is that it was clogging up my razor. I tried a Merkur Futur at first then a plastic DE razor. Specifically I used a Diane safety razor which worked a hell of a lot better. And it took less time to clean up. Then I used another plastic DE razor and also had good luck with it. I then tried an injector razor which also worked, but took longer to clean.

My recommendation is to use a razor that can be taken apart easily so that the clean up will also be easy. This is with any brushless shave creme.

This creme works well but I do miss using a brush. I do recommend this creme if you want to get a very fast shave. That is one of major positives I noticed when using this creme because when I'm short on time I can use this creme and I can get a quick shave.

Scent wise this has a minty type of smell. The sales guy told me that it was mentholated and that it feels really good on the face. Although I don't see menthol on the ingredients list. I do not feel any cooling effect when using it. I've read that the pink tub of this creme is more mentholated than the white tub.

I paid $5 at a barber supply store and what made me buy it was that the sales guy told me a lot of barbers use it and like it a lot. I've seen it at other stores for $6-$7. Plus it's 15 ounces which is a lot.

One side note is that I've read that several people like to use this as a pre shave creme and on the tub it states that it also works well as a facial cleanser.

I've read on several forums that some people like to use the creme in combination with other creams like Noxzema to get a super comfortable and enjoyable shave.

I give this cream a 9/10
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