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Bozzano Night Blue aftershave.

this is my review of the Bozzano Night Blue aftershave:

Price: I paid around 8$ for the bottle, so it's not cheap,,but it's import stuff and you can't find that at the local drugstore, so it's fine for me.

Quality: Works pretty well.

Fight razor burn: That's the best point of that aftershave, your skin feels so good after using that stuff.

Cooling sensation: It contains menthol , it's very fresh.

Scent: I gave a 7 for that.
The reason?, i jus't can not describe that scent,,it's a bit weird, a kind of mix of alcohol/medicinal.
I found some note of Aqua Velva in the scent, but in very small proportion, the scent doesn't last long, about 2 minutes.

Moisturizing: It doesn't leave the skin totally dry like some alcohol based aftershave, it's a good point.

No alcohol burn: There is a sting of course,,it's alcohol based, but nothing strong,,it's very gentle on the skin.

On overall i would say it's not a bad aftershave but nothing special either.
I prefer Aqua Velva over that for sure but im interested to try the other Bozzano aftershaves.
If i would recommend, uhmm? Not really.
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No Alcohol Burn
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Cooling Sensation
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Fights Razor Burn
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