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Boots Cool Cologne lather shaving cream

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another product put out by the Boots company, which is located in Nottingham, UK. A nice, no-frills shaving cream with rich lather, and good skincare. A slight menthol feeling gives a feeling of freshness during and after a shave.


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I got this a while back just to try since it was so cheap (I generally prefer soaps) and on it's first use, I wasn't impressed and I set it to one side. Just recently, I decided to try it again and now that I can get the water/cream ratio right, I find this is an excellent product and I've used it everyday for almost a month now. I find it very moisturising. The fact that it doesn't have much of a scent is a plus point for me as I don't like strong scents. There is a slight menthol cooling effect but it's nothing like Ingrams. I like the way that it seems to rinse of the razor much easier than Palmolive. The packaging is functional, nothing more, but I want to buy shave cream, not a fancy bottle so it's fine for me. I really love this and the fact that it costs only 85p makes it even better.
This is an excellent brushed cream. It is only available from Boots, which is a famous Pharmacist, health and beauty products store in the UK. As far as I know this cream is not available from any other company.

The cream itself costs £0.89p and comes in a plastic tube inside a carboard box. The box is fully recyclable and the tube is not, so that is why I have only scored it 6 for packaging.

The instructions suggest that you should put a little on the end of your brush and lather it directly on to your face. However I have found the cream to be a little thristy compared to other creams such as Proraso or Palmolive. So I lather an almond sized blob of it in my bowl. As I said I found it to be little thirsty, so I start with a damp brush and keep wetting the end of my brush until the consistency comes good. Once you have a good lather going, that almond sized blob you used makes more than enough thick and creamy lather for a 3 pass shave and touchups.

It has a mild menthol effect, no where near as strong as Proraso, which becomes pleasantly cooling once you have left the lather sit on your face for a moment or two. It's scent is very neutral indeed, I suppose it has a hint of cologne to it, but that goes once you have rinsed your face. TBH I think that a neutral smelling cream is better as it won't clash with the scent of your chosen aftershave.

This cream has great lubricating properties and it provides a good cushioning effect. The razor glides across your skin. I have quite sensitive skin and I have suffered virtually zero irritation with this cream. My skin feels very smooth and supple after a shave. So IMHO it scores highly as a moisturiser to.

To sum up, Boots Cool Cologne Lather Cream is an excellent , inexpensive product that shoots well above it's price tag. It is available on almost every High Street in the UK and is excellent for anyone shaving on a budget. But because of it's bargain basement price it should not be considered an inferior product.
I love this stuff, it smells fresh and fantastic, is really dense in the tub and lathers really nicely and leaves my face feeling refreshed and smooth. This is one of those ones that I open almost every time I am in the bathroom just to smell it. This one will always be in the rotation.
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