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I bought a pile of stuff from Shaving Essentials and found a sample of this in the care package that arrived. Also some horrifyingly strong floral scented soap that my daughter stole from me and welcome to it. I have to say that Shaving Essentials are evil - like the local pusher they just give you a little taste, and leave you wanting more, Then they have you hooked and reeeeeeeel you in! :biggrin:

Ahem. Anyway, I am (well, was) not really an aftershave guy since I am very sensitive to odors. I can mainly just tolerate citrus scents. Florals will make me ill. But I had hurried my shave with inadequate lathering and was paying the price. While digging out my styptic pencil I found the June Clover in the drawer. So what the heck, it can't hurt any more than I've been already.

So I put someone my hand, slapped it on an wham! That stings. For about 10 seconds. It smelled wonderful and then my face settled right down. I've since been using it after every shave and while the sting is not as bad as it was on that fateful day, it's still a pure pleasure to apply. I now have a bottle of it on order along with the Iced Lime.

I don't know what all is in it. I understand there is glycerin, and definitely alcohol. I can taste a slight bitterness on my lips if I get some there, no idea what that is. Whatever it is, it's magic on my skin. :w00t:

A bit of explanation of some of my ratings. No alcohol burn? Yeah, right. This is basically alcohol and water with some goodies added. Price is excellent. You get 14oz for $10. It doesn't moisturize at all, but that's OK for me which is why it didn't get a zero.

Thanks a lot Booster and Shaving Essentials. You have me hooked. I need a 12 step program, I think...

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Definitely a barber shop product which I like. Old school feeling to it. Good scent for a product like this. It burns, but I personally don't mind that.
I am also using a sample I received. I love it! This and the Mosswood are my favorites.
I received Boosters Jickery as a sample from SE. I was surprised to see that there was no alcohol burn as I expected. It must be loaded with glycerin or witch hazel and it works very nicely as a splash. Not much of a smell which suit me fine since after it dries I can follow up with Cloves and peppermint ASB, my current favorite.

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