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Bigelow Bay Rum Aftershave Balm

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This is my favorite aftershave balm. I received it as a Christmas gift from my friend and dorm mate last Christmas, and I still have yet to use the entire bottle. Creamy, invigorating, and containing a strong, masculine bay rum scent that lingers throughout the day, but never overpowering.

Before this I never even heard of Bigelow Chemists. It might be pricey for 20 bucks a bottle. But trust me, you'll get your money's worth.

It literally keeps my face as smooth as a baby's butt. Sometimes I have to just tell my wife to quit touching and smelling my face after I use the stuff before breakfast. :001_tt1:

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Two blatant opinions on this product:

1) I agree that, while there might be some bay rum involved, the citrus is much more up front with this one. Not necessarily a bad thing, but if you're expecting a straight-up bay rum, you'll be surprised.

2) Whoever put this balm in this bottle ought to be drawn and quartered - it's about impossible to get it out!
Does this scent last longer than other Bay Rums? Yes

Why? Because it's NOT BAY RUM!!!

This scent is nice, yeah, but Bay Rum it aint. This scent i would describe as an orangey, creamy, sandalwood scent. Nothing Bay Rum about it.

It's a high quality product, but i'm pissed that i spent money on it when it's labeled incorrectly :sneaky2:
This may be the Anti-Clubman Bay Rum.

I love the burn I get from the Pinaud Bay Rum, and this Bigelow balm is the polar opposite. It isn't a fiery splash, but a calming, creamy balm that has a delicious Bay Rum scent, somewhat like the Clubman but with an earthier tone. The scent doesn't last, but for an hour or so I get a great Bay Rum "hit" every once in awhile.

The product needs to be coaxed out of the glass bottle, and that makes it easy to use a small amount, and a little goes a long way.

No burn or icy cooling here, but it does a fine job of quelling razor burn and leaves the face feeling smooth and finished.

I'll use it and then follow up with the Clubman as a body splash...it's a great combination.

I just picked up the Bigelow Bay Rum cologne, and it goes with the balm like hot dogs and mustard.

A great choice for the Bay Rum bums out there.
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