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BIC Metal

These are great for travel. Cheap, easy, and quite effective. The razor is very light with a small metal bar and a single sharp and smooth blade. I'd say its aggressiveness is about medium, BBS shave but doesn't last nearly as long as my straights. All in all, its a cheap toss away that provides good smooth results. :thumbup1:
I've been meaning to try BIC Metals as a potential travel razor option. I've carried a DE before on travel (with my blades in a checked bag). I still got stopped by TSA so they could inspect my razor to make sure it did not contain a blade. Lately I've been making short one and two-day trips where my goal is to travel with a single carry-on. With no place to stash DE blades I am reduced to BIC Sensitives *shudder*.

Recently I acquired a whole bunch of BIC Metals in the BST and decided to give them a whirl at home to see how they perform compared to BIC Sensitives and my own DE razor. Note that I used the same shave stick and brush I might use on the road as I tested each razor.

Cost: These are dirt cheap. If you buy a large lot of them they end up costing a little more per piece than premium DE blades. I don't mind bringing a few with me on travel and tossing them after one or two uses.

Design: As you can see from the attached picture this razor has a noticeably different head compared to a BIC Sensitive. There is a metal safety bar instead of the plastic one on the BIC Sensitive.

Aggressiveness: I find this razor slightly more aggressive than a BIC Sensitive. This is a huge positive because I find the BIC Sensitive requires a lot of pressure to get anything resembling a close shave. The BIC Metal requires much less pressure and seems to behave more like a DE. Treat this razor like a BIC Sensitive and you are in for a world of hurt. Keep the pressure light and draw it across your face and you'll be extremely happy with the results.

Sharpness/Smoothness: I find the BIC Metal blades to be very sharp and smooth. They definitely feel sharper than the BIC Sensitives. I was able to complete an ATG pass with the BIC Metal! This is practically impossible for me to do with a BIC Sensitive without carving my face like a Thanksgiving turkey. What's more is that I was able to get two DFS out of a single razor. An attempt at a third shave with the same razor resulted in more weepers than I like to see so I won't be doing that again but compared to a BIC Sensitive it is quite an accomplishment.

Conclusion: This razor doesn't hold a candle to my '58 TV Super Speed loaded with a Russian Yellow but when I am hundreds or thousands of miles away from home it can give me a decent shave without getting hassled by the (TSA) man.
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