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Bell's Three Nuns Tobacco

Pros: smokes smoothly
Cons: burley
I come at this blend knowing what the original Bell's version was like. I so wanted to like this for it "was" wonderful. This new incarnation should never have been given the same name as it is NOTHING like the previous versions. There is no Perique, and that is the first mistake.

Having said all that, if you like Burley blends (I do not), this is an excellent example of that genre of tobacco.

It smokes very smoothly and cool, leaving a very light dottle.

Peace of the Lord be with you.
Pros: pleasant room note, smooth flavors, nuttiness, some sweetness
Cons: different than the highly acclaimed original
I cannot compare to the original, as I have not tasted it.

This blend, however, is enjoyable on it's own merits. Has a nuttiness, not as heavily bodied as an English blend, but more moderately bodied.

Pairs well with coffee. Coffee brings out some woodiness and sweetness in the tobacco.
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