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All natural luxurious shave cream blending the exquisite top-notes of Mandarin & Patchouli and key essential oils. Each shave is silky smooth, cushioned protected and completely irritation-free. If you like rich, creamy and big lather, you'll love our shave creams. A little goes a very long way.
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From the manufacturer: No.10 Finest Shaving Cream 200ml is enriched with Willow Bark, Borage Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Olive Oil to provide optimum results. It delivers luxurious lather for a smooth and comfortable shave, while it also moisturises and softens. It leaves skin smooth and comfortable.
400th Anniversary Festivities Ottone (Brass) marks the opening of the festivities commemorating the 400th anniversary of Officina di Santa Maria Novella’s founding. The selection of these particular notes according to their promotional literature, reflects SMN’s return to countries where it was known in the 18th century. Ottone takes us to Northern Europe, Germany, and Russia; it is enveloping and decisive. True story…. On August 2nd of this year I wondered into SMN’s shop in...
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I've always liked the Eton College fragrance, however I never took a liking to the cream until now, just take a look at my original review a few years back. This new formulation is presented in a blue tub, and is parabens free. The particular batch code used in this evaluation is no. 27079. The price, and quality earns top marks. The new redesigned tubs also work much better than the old that seemed to have screw thread jamming issues; difficult to open if they were closed too tightly...
Price: A bit of a sour point because the new reformulation introduced in November 2009, both the puck and bowl do not exude the same feeling of luxury as the original product. Quality: Regarding the bowl, there are better looking out there, T&H or D.R. Harris comes to mind. The soap itself is good. The set is presented in a hard cardboard box, as most of their other products. Scent: English Fern, but a bit on the soapy / powdery side. Not a bad thing. It doesn't resemble the EDT scent...
This is my very first Santa Maria Novella aftershave. This product comes in a variety of scents, however the performance and quality are similar, only the scent will vary. In my case, I chose Melograno, aka Pomegranate. The cost is not bad at all in reference to other high end brands, $55USD for 100ml. The quality and presentation are superb, comes in an old fashioned Florentine paperbox. Now, as for the quality of the product itself, I have to honestly say it's the best I've tried...
If you love the shave cream, it's only a given that you'll love this little gem too. Smells great, dissenfects, and prepares your skin for whatever else follows. Since this is a splash, one would most likely want to follow up with a moisturizing cream, or perhaps balm. A little expensive, but it follows in the T&H tradition, and with careful use, one bottle will last a very long time. I give it high marks in terms of quality of the product itself, the bottle, and including the outer...
Very elegant aftershave that compliments the Adp shave cream like a jewl. The alcohol conent is lower than a typical aftershave and therefore doesn't sting much at all and doesn't leave your face feeling dry and tight either If you like the Barbiere Collection scent, which is based somewhat on the Adp Colonia scent which dates back to 1916, then you'll love this too. Contains myrtle water extract (antioxidant), rice protein, and mint water in addition to the already impressive list...
A great product to keep my cream or soap lather warm. Basically hot water is poured in the larger lower bowl, and the lather is whipped in the smaller upper bowl. Concentric raised circular impression are incorporated in the lathering upper bowl to help work up a good lather in less time than a smooth bowl. Well made, quite sturdy, all mand fabricated with the Ansgar Tolksdorf logo impression appearing underneath. Works well, looks good on a desk or shelf awaiting the next use - even...
This is not your typical pre-shave oil. It's quite thick compared to regular oil (T&H, etc.), so it must be applied on a very wet face, or rubbed between wet hands to dilute properly. Having said that, I small bottle will last a very vey long time, so the price can be easily justified. Price: About GBP 10 or $20 CAD / USA for 30 ml. Quality: Lets just say this stuff doesn't smell cheap. Fights Razor burn: Not particularly as an after-after shave. But it does confort. Use your...
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