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A nice, small rzor for travel, or even everyday use. The handle is short; about 2.5-3", I'd say, and breaks apart (unscrews) into two seperate pieces. The head, like most (all?) Merkurs screws off and seperates into two. A compact storage case is included, and of decent quality. This razor seems to me to be pretty much the same as my Merkur Long Classic, save for the shortened break-apart handle. It seems to sahve about the same, which is to say that this is a quality razor but...
This is an interesting cologne, unlike any other sandalwood I've smelled; I'm not sure that it actually smells like sandalwood, because I have no idea what real sandalwood smells like. This is a scent that I would describe as 'soapy', but I mean that in the best possible way. I don't get much complexity here; just a single (presumably sandalwood-like) note that lasts a long time and is quite strong. The bottle was a splash-type, but I've decanted some into an atomizer; more than one spray...
Nice, dry leather (easy on the sweet/spice that so many others seem to go so heavy on) mixed with lovely smelling tobacco on the open. The spices step up a bit on the drydown - but easy on the tonka, thank goodness - as does musc and a dry incense of some sort. A very nice leather, steps well outside the bounds of other (tired) leathers. Vaguely recalls Havana by Aramis. I wish I could better verbalize how nice this is; but be wasy; there was a new version introduced after the...
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