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I used a boar bristle brush after some years of Best and Silvertip badger brushes. This is the Omega No 48 Professional. A real big brush: 13,3 cm high. Package pretty simple. Shown here compared to the miniscule Muehle Silvertip (19 mm knot). Onto the bowl, after work. After three passes. Enough lather for two more passes. Lather is thick and lubricating. (soap used: Roger et Gallet) After three passes on face, a pass on my arm. After three passes...
Scent Best Citrus / Lime genre scent I've tried so far. Taylor's Lemon & Lime is sweetish, not really a citrone scent. Salter is superior to Trumper's Lime and C. Tyrwhitt Lime (obsolete by now?) too. Haven't tried Castle Forbes Lime and AOS Lemon though. Texture Rich in oils and glycerine. Soft. Light. A joy to use. Lather It makes very easily a rich lather. Lather is thick, doesn't get dried. Efficacy - Price It's not so dense, so you spend some more. But at £10 or less...
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