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The 1950's adds declare that "Cussons Imperial Leather is the choice of men of fame and men of promise. It is the choice of men of good taste.” This stuff rules! The scent is great, clean and fresh, and it works a charm. It leaves the face a little dry, but thats not a major problem. I love the look of the bottle too, its a little hip flask shape, very subtle with the lable part of the bottle, and not at all garish like the cardboard box it comes in. I will never be...
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This is an odd one. Its not the Brut we all know and love, the bottle can tell me that - but I'm not sure what makes it different. It has a cheap plastic bottle, which is a pity, but its dirt cheap which is a plus. (my bottle is also made in Australia, which is fun). But back to the liquid itself. There's no difference. Ive even tried putting this on one side of my face, and Brut aftershave on the other side. No difference. (this one may have a slightly lighter scent, but if...
My first silvertip - Ive had many more, but I suppose one always has a soft spot for their first. And I mean a soft spot, this guy is floppy. He is a vicious lather hog with creams, and a recalcitrant school boy with soaps, especially hard ones (some are great, but forget about triple milled). The hairs are as soft as any brush ive come across, and the knot is big enough that there is enough lather for a weeks worth of shaves, but I think it would do much better to have a bit more...
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