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Hiya, Although I rarely use injectors now, I do like getting em out of the shaving arsenal from time to time. Years ago, before switching to a DE, I used various injectors exclusively for a good 6-8 months. The right blade and razor combo was found after some trial and error, and then the shave was very good. My final set up was an M type adjustable with some NOS Personna 'Twinjector' blades. Yeah, I tried the various other blades like the ones from Pella, various brands from CVS and the...
L. Martino
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Hi All, After using this soap ten times or more, I can say it's one of the better ones I've tried. This has joined my small regular rotation of favorites. The lather I get from this stuff is as thick and rich as DR Harris or MWF. I believe this soap is fairly hard, and I have best results using something a little stiffer than my silvertip. Seems like it's a little easier to load the boar brush up, but both type brushes will do the trick nicely. No problem whipping this stuff...
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