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I use this brush for creams, soaps are a little difficult to use with this LARGE brush. It's beautifully soft at the tips (so if you like a scritchy brush avoid) this one but the badger hair seems stiff enough for them to hold their shape. I really enjoy using this brush and wouldn't swap it for the best Simpson. I had my brother make me a special 8" bowl as my original bowl was too small. You do use a lot of cream and you do seem to throw a fair bit of good foam away but for a luxurious...
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Thanks to Michael (NMMB) for the Super-Max blades but without wishing to seem ungrateful I don't think I'll be using another. I have got to the stage that I can pick up almost any DE razor and get good results, I doubt this is the case with a Super-Max blade. The initial (with the grain) shave was great, no pulling or irritation at all, the next pass went ok (diagonally across the grain) a couple of weepers but noting too bad. At this point the blade appeared to be blunt, something like a...
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