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My wife picked this up for me. It was just a few dollars. On the box, it says for washing and shaving. So I gave it a try. Not very slick for me. My razor wanted to bounce across my face. When I rinsed the soap off, my skin felt tight. It makes a fair washing soap, but my experience shaving was not pleasant. Someone else may have better luck. The tea tree scent is good, but that's all it has going for it as far as shaving goes. If someone has better luck, I may be willing to give it another go.
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I received a tube free when I purchased a 100-pack of Derby blades off of EBay (Shaving Factory). This is my first cream. The plastic tube is nice. It's easy to squeeze out a little in my shaving mug to make the lather. The lather was nice, thick and pretty slick. I had a good shave. The only thing I didn't like was the scent. It smells like lemon pledge for cleaning furniture. I don't like lemon scent that much anyway. The scent didn't last very long after the shave and my aftershave took...
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