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This is an inexpensive boar brush - I paid $14 for it. The major problem with this brush is that it isn't dense. Boar brushes are typically quite dense (I'm looking at my Semogues) and this may be my least dense brush. I'm a face latherer, and this brush holds enough for about two passes - and that is stretching it. It may be best to bowl lather with this brush. The bristles themselves are quite good - nice stiffness and the kind of softness I'd expect from a boar. The...
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Hidden among the more famous of Gillette's "aggressive" offerings is the humble Tuckaway. Produced in the '20s, the Tuckaway has a shorter handle than other razors at the time, giving it a different balance than the New. This doesn't make it light - this razor has some heft for its size, and the silver plating certainly helps. The result? This tiny razor actually gives an aggressive shave, more aggressive than many of its cousins such as the New Improved. Twelve hours after a shave...
While looking for Godrej, I saw this on the shelf of a local Indian market. $4 for a 91g tube? Sold. The packaging is a basic plastic tube; nothing special but efficient. The lathering for this product is absolutely insane. You will get mounds of thick lather, enough for many passes. A moderate amount of product gave me enough for four passes with room to spare. The scent is lime, more of an artificial lime than (say) GFT, but it is pleasant, and absolutely explodes once you...
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