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Custom made straight razor, limited edition
As a n00b DE shaver in New Zealand, good shaving products are very hard to come by. There is one specialist store, and even then, the range is a little thin on the ground with Col Conk products, a few razor blades and a couple of cheap Chinese-made razors - and that's it. For a specialist shaving store, they sharpen clippers but don't even hone a straight edge razor. But as luck would have it, I am having much better luck in my local Indian grocery store where they sell DE safety razors...
I found the King safety razor at my local Indian dairy. The price sticker (for some reason was in Rupees) but in local currency, it ended up being New Zealand $5 (well, $4.95) with Indian Gillette blades at 5 for $2. So, for price at under $5 for a starter razor, it's a really good deal. Quality - probably aluminium, I've not done any checking on that. It feels too lightweight to be steel. Machining is acceptable to good, but again, for a fiver, you don't expect much. User Friendly...
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