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Not sure why this stuff is called Classic Vanilla as it only has a very minor vanilla element. The primary scent note is a citric musk with the sweetish vanilla only tying things together in the background. But I do enjoy the scent and will be using this stuff as a cologne. Pretty mediocre as an aftershave splash as it dries out your skin pretty badly.
Just finished off a mentholated sample of the Mojito splash. Very impressive stuff as it moisturizes and heals very well. The menthol addition was a good compliment to the lime & spearmint EOs. The scent is very pleasant (if a bit light) up front and will fade away after an hour or so. This is expected with natural scents but is something to be aware of.
This is my second shave brush, the previous 9 months were spent using a Tweezerman. As expected because of its better hair grade it's less scritchy than the Tweezerman. Because the knot is larger and denser it does wonderful job of retaining water and being able to build great lather very quickly. The difference I see with my previous brush is that the initial lather created is more hydrated and feels more like the final squeeze from the Tweeze. However because there is that much more...
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