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Price: Pricing is exellent on this one. I got mine from SSLstudios/René here at B&B. Quality: Feels well built. Its no Merkur but compared to some other low-price razors this one is nice. No gaps or bent pieces. It aligns the blade as it should. User Friendly: Yes. Its a good razor. Grip: As all non-knurled metal razors it can be a bit slippery when wet, but the twists on the handle makes it quite grip-able. Ease of Blade Replacement: Very easy, as it is a TTO there are no...
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Dirt cheap egyptian blade bought on E-bay, just about $25 for 200 blades. To start with the packaging, a simple no-fancy paperbox, gives a cheap inpression. The blades are single packed in both classic "foil-paper" and in a paper-envelope, this seem to protect the blade much better than the outer box. Thing is that the company that makes Lord blades from the beginning was a Wilkinson factory, so the blade itself reminds of the Wilkinson blade. Its a nice blade, a tad rough, again just...
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